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Dr. Andrew J. Hairston
Staff 1

Andrew J. Hairston, our minister, came to the Simpson Street Church of Christ pulpit from the Lake Como Church of Christ in Fort Worth Texas in December 1961. He is a native of Winston-Salem, N.C. where he graduated from Carver High School. He completed his undergraduate education at Southwestern Christian with the Associate B.S. and B.A degrees. After Southwestern he earned his B.S. and second B.A. Degrees from Paul Quinn College in Texas and completed his Bachelor of Divinity and Master of Theology degrees at Brite Seminary at Texas Christian University. He holds the J.D. from John Marshall Law School and Master of Law Degree from Woodrow Wilson, Doctor of Ministry Degree from Emory University and Masters of Judicial Studies Degree from the University of Nevada at Reno. He hold Honorary Doctor Degrees from Southwestern Christian College, John Marshall Law School and Abilene Christian University.


Dr. Hairston has traveled extensively, including to Liberia where he co-founded the Wells- Hairston Elementary/High School System. He has served as assistant Solicitor General of the State Court of Fulton County and Chief Solicitor of the Municipal Court of Atlanta, is a retired US Army Reserve Chaplain (Col), retired Chief Judge of the city Court of Atlanta and has served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Southwestern Christian College-his undergraduate alma mater.


Though a student of different disciplines none surpasses Hairston’s involvement with the church. He considers His call from God first and above all else. He views the church as God’s unique instrument of human redemption in that it engages people at all levels and is especially tasked with a mission with which only the church can engage humanity, the salvation of souls for now and in the life that is to come. For Him, this is serious business in the strictest sense.


Founded by Jesus Christ through his holy apostles and disciples, the church has a charge that it must accept and pursue. Now as before and forever, the critical, essential and foremost function of the church is to perform and to operate as God’s agent “Redeeming The Lost and Empowering The Redeemed.” This is the church’s unique function in the world and that charge it must covet, protect and relentlessly pursue in the hope of fulfilling the Great Commission issued by Jesus to his disciples after his resurrection.


With the increasing dedication and deepening commitment of its members, Dr. Hairston believes the potential for the Simpson Street Church is unlimited. Renewal, revival, restoration and reconciliation are taking place on a broader scale and deeper level than ever before. Leaders are emerging as God’s men leading ministries in ways “never” before witnessed. To make life at Simpson Street even richer God is injecting new blood and life by bringing new members into the Simpson Street Church of Christ melting pot in these days of declining interest in the church.


It is a new day at Simpson Street. The day of unlimited development has arrived and we are determined to ride the wings of time into the sunset of our spiritual potential. And, we invite all to share in this new and redeeming life with us.